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High-performance Organic Fish Fertilizer

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GreenStreme® is a high-yield organic fish fertilizer with a patented cold hydrolysis manufacturing process that maximizes retention of fish proteins and oils along with macro and micronutrients.

High-performance organic fish fertilizer

Our unique process maintains the highest concentration and quality of organic matter to boost overall soil health. The natural elements, including the valuable micronutrients and calcium from bone, are preserved in their purest form to promote root and shoot strength and vitality.

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Why GreenStreme?

Low Odor

We use our patented fish hydrolysis process and not the fish emulsion technique. This process does not involve extraction using high temperatures which results in strong, unpleasant odours.


The finished product is filtered twice before packaging to allow for convenience of application using hydroponic systems or most hose-end applicators.

Soil Health

GreenStreme replenishes nutrient levels in soil, providing the organic protiens, oils, vitamins, minerals, enzymes and amino acids important to soil organism and microorganism health.

Non Toxic

Our product is contains no toxic chemicals or petroleum-based component that when leached from soil can cause environmental damage by polluting nearby water bodies.


GreenStreme uses fresh rainbow trout that would otherwise end up in a landfill and converts it into a valuable fertilizer for fruits, vegetables and plants.


Our product is environmentally friendly since it uses no toxic chemicals or petroleum-based components. It replenishes the natural nutrient levels of soil so that important organisms are protected, improving overall plant and soil health.

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