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GreenStreme® is an organic fish hydrolysate prepared from fresh rainbow trout harvested from the great lakes. The patented manufacturing process involves the immediate conversion of trout by-products into high-quality and low-odor liquid fertilizer concentrates. The finished product is filtered twice before packaging to allow for convenience of application using hydroponic systems or most hose-end applicators.

Patented manufacturing process

Our patented production method uses a cold hydrolysis process.

U.S. Patent # 7,678,171 B2
Canadian Patent # 2,546,156

Fresh vs. Cooked

The patented GreenStreme cold hydrolysis manufacturing method uses fresh rainbow trout heads, tails and frames to produce nutrient-rich concentrates containing all of the natural proteins, amino acids, oils and nutrients. Other fish fertilizers use a process that cooks the fish waste before extracting the oils and proteins, leaving a thick brown liquid void of the valuable attributes in the GreenStreme Hydrolysis process.

Made in Canada