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GreenStreme® is an organic fish hydrolysate prepared from fresh rainbow trout harvested from the great lakes. The patented manufacturing process involves the immediate conversion of trout by-products into high-quality and low-odor liquid fertilizer concentrates. The finished product is filtered twice before packaging to allow for convenience of application using hydroponic systems or most hose-end applicators.

A waste to resource story

A great idea turned into a great product

Many years ago a good friend had a rainbow trout processing facility in the area of Owen Sound, Ontario. The farm raised fresh rainbow trout from Georgian Bay produced high quality filets for fine dining establishments all over Ontario. The remaining parts of the fish were so fresh and abundant that it seemed only practical to find a way to convert the fish trimmings into a usable resource. Extensive analytical testing found not only significant nutritional value in the trimmings, but the available proteins, oils and calcium from bone would further contribute to a valuable end-product. Following years of extensive testing, a cold hydrolysis manufacturing process was determined to be the best method to maximize all of the valuable components of fresh rainbow trout trimmings and make them available in a liquid concentrate. Patents were awarded and a state-of-the-art production facility was constructed to produce a consistent quality product.

Patented manufacturing process

Our patented production method uses a cold hydrolysis process.

U.S. Patent # 7,678,171 B2
Canadian Patent # 2,546,156


Fresh vs. cooked

The patented GreenStreme cold hydrolysis manufacturing method uses fresh rainbow trout heads, tails and frames to produce nutrient-rich concentrates containing all of the natural proteins, amino acids, oils and nutrients. Other fish fertilizers use a process that cooks the fish waste before extracting the oils and proteins, leaving a thick brown liquid void of the valuable attributes in the GreenStreme Hydrolysis process.

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