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How to Use Effectively

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GreenStreme® is a concentrated liquid that has been fine-screened making it convenient for use in most applications including sprayers, hose end applicators and hydroponic injectors.

How to use GreenStreme effectively

During growing season, apply every two weeks as directed:
Pendant la saison de croissance, appliquer toutes les deux semaines comme indiqué:

Plant Rate/L Water
Indoor/outdoor container plants 10-20 ml
Hydroponics 10-15 ml
* Vegetables, perennials, berries, bulbs 15-20 ml
* Trees, shrubs 5-10 ml
* Root vegetables 5-10 ml
* Turf grass 5-10 ml
*Application rate covers up to 3 sq m of soil or turf
*Le taux d’application couvre jusqu’a 3 m2 de sol ou gazon